Meet The Team


May is our big picture Creative with the research skills to match. Her mind is like 20 google tabs open all at once. She can pick the latest trends before they hit the mainstream and is able to find inspiration through every media channel you can think of. May isn’t afraid to tell you how it is – but that is what we love about her – her undeniable honesty even when you might not want to hear it!

Main Motto

Get SH*T Done! (And let us tell you, you better move out of her way as she makes it happen!)


Nat is our beauty and style master who finds artistry in the everyday. Her eclectic taste means she can embrace every style and design ideas to create events that hit their brief every time. She pushes the creative boundaries but retain the ability to see the details and logistics needed to deliver a successful event. Nat definitely has the “Simply Beautiful” touch, her brilliance means that our clients walk in to their events with a sense of wonder and overwhelming joy.

Main Motto

Life is a collection of moments, embrace each and every one of them.